Jessie J – We Found Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge, 2012)

Rihanna Movie Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Jessie J – We Found Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge, 2012)”

  1. Jay 4eva says:

    How old is she here? She looks cute and petite here! Bless…she has a
    voice of an angel! So talented!

  2. cindy vazquez says:

    If Whitney Houston ever made a cover to this song, I’d imagine it to be
    similar if not exact to how amazing this cover was performed. Amazing. I
    appreciate all these covers that she creates because then we’d never know
    how beautiful and talented this woman’s voice is. Love you J!

  3. Jonas Heigenhauser says:

    Seriously. Her voice is good. It’s probably a lot better than the average
    person. But what is wrong with the people saying she has the best voice
    ever? Even saying she is on one level with adele is just… Have you ever
    heard adele? She has what i call an extraordinary voice. Or Miley Cyrus
    (yeah i know you don’t like her), her voice is unbelievable, but Jessi?
    Yeah, good.. sounds good… but doesn’t even come close to close to The
    best voice on the market or even of all time.

  4. Chloe Lane says:

    Good version, she does have a great voice.

  5. King Chill says:

    I like it when when she repeated the l in love like, “l-l-l-l-l-l-love” at
    2:23 . She is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ivan dimitrov says:

    you just can’t compare ppl, every1 is unique, if it wasnt Ri Jes wouldnt
    have this cov

  7. Andrew Marinho says:

    Dude this sucks. All I see here is a girl showing off her skills singing.
    I can name a lot of singer that don’t have that vocal power but could show
    emotion instead of voice skills.

  8. HitStep08 says:

    Those rifs.. those runs.. that vibrato… so beautiful x.x 

  9. Whatevs says:

    can’t stand it when people compare all the time. both versions are good in
    different ways and both versions have flaws in different ways. both are
    good! yes, jessie j might be a more experienced singer, but rihanna
    performs this song incredibly well even if she doesn’t have the best

  10. Rick Grimes says:

    Like if the Oompa loompa brought you here? ;)

  11. sean im says:

    lol this is so unfair… Jessie J singing Rhiana’s song? come on… we
    don’t hate Rhiana that much…don’t embarass her that much..
    to see that someone else who actually has a vocal talent, singing a song
    from an artiest who needs an talented DJ for autotune. 

  12. Jekeire Drayton says:

    Best Version Of This Song I Have Ever Heard. 

  13. Rebecca Walker says:

    Jessie covered it her way….Yes!!! Great!!!

  14. Kakalias Kakaliou says:

    the best cover i’ve never heard of this song!!! Jessie you are amazing !!!

  15. ohiomommy330 says:

    I would love for Jessie J and SIA to do a song.

  16. Cisko Catalin says:

    no one else can sing ” live ” like her 

  17. Mohamed Aarish says:

    Why’s she wearing a NYC shirt ? Shouldn’t it be london or manchester , some
    shit like that . 

  18. Georgia Perisanidis says:

    one of the most amazing vocalists I’ve ever heard 

  19. Oceane Sertier says:

    You singing very well Jessie J
    I love you

  20. MissCherie Cherie says:

    i used to like her more when she didnt wasl ike the others .. Now shes
    just like ariana grande etc.. sex sells.. what a pittyy….

  21. Matt Mead says:

    I like this instrumental music to it rather than the original.

  22. amy morgan says:

    she needs more recognition,so talented! u wouldn’t be able to tell some of
    the talent she’s got just by listening to her songs,I think she’d do so
    much better singing more meaningful songs?similar to Whitney or Christina?

  23. Barbaros Ersöz says:

    Jessie J – We Found Love (Radio 1 Live Lounge, 20…:

    A amazing cover from lovely Jessie!

  24. Arnold Geraldo says:

    lalalala love – Axl Rose

  25. sofia rachmanidi says:

    Ok much better..I’d rather listen to jessie sing it!! 😛