Mumford and Sons Sing Live On The Brit Awards 2011 – Mumford And Sons Win Album Of The Year

Mumford and Sons Music (Uk) Mumford and Sons New music (US) Mumford and Sons Sing Dwell On The Brit Awards 2011 – Total Version Mumford And Sons Win Album Of The 12 months

25 Responses to “Mumford and Sons Sing Live On The Brit Awards 2011 – Mumford And Sons Win Album Of The Year”

  1. citysambo says:

    @henrygreenmusic Alright LAD.

  2. statetheobviousdude says:

    1000th person to like this video, yet i was one of the 1st to watch it. 🙂

  3. takerele says:

    I will tell the night

  4. MatWhiteMariah says:

    I now understand why a great deal of Brits are pompous assholes, they have these guys to brag about.

  5. jg15151 says:

    Who the fuck hit the dislike button?

  6. thatdeadrockstar1 says:

    we just out performed everyone at the brits,

    Plan B , Mumford and Adele beat any American counterpart hands down

    was great to see

  7. henrygreenmusic says:

    absolute lads.

  8. blinkme478 says:

    Well deserved 😉

  9. bhsdrumfreak says:

    @quicksilver05 You’re soo right! I love simple minded, shallow lyric-filled crap just like you!! Dang I sure do wish Rebecca Black could’ve performed “Friday” instead of these untalented brits. I would’ve been right up in the front row watching (how you so brilliantly put it) “real music” such as Usher, Justin Bieber, and Lady Antebellum. You’re such a musical genious, I envy your perfect taste in music. Go play on railroad tracks you douche-bag 🙂

  10. lilecavassin says:


  11. goodwilltx says:

    @Snife123 i can’t take people on a video website spelling the word video, “vedio”.

  12. goodwilltx says:

    also, if you want a band exactly like mumford and sons, check out the bonfire band on itunes. you’re welcome.

  13. goodwilltx says:

    for those who don’t know about timshel, read john steineck’s “east of eden”. this song and lyrics came directly from steinbeck’s words.

    “And you have your choices
    And these are what make man great
    His ladder to the stars”

    particularly, read the last page of the book.

  14. 92burnzy says:

    25 people hate music which is just brilliantly outstanding music, its sooo amazing that you can have 4 guys and 2 instruments can do something like this, keep it up !!!

  15. FailToLive says:

    LMAO My last name’s Mumford. People want to marry me just so they have the last name 😀

  16. macdonder says:

    This is more like it. I’m guessing this is probably not their best song?
    Sick of the flash, hype and bling of talentless self-promoters dazzling everyone with special effects, but have nothing of substance to say or offer….

  17. Snife123 says:

    I cant even take dislikes on this vedio serious!

  18. FTSK100 says:

    true talent here!! I really love marcus’ voice in this!

  19. JackDammitRun says:

    why am i crying?

  20. MLynnJo says:

    beautiful…soulful….how could anyone not love this song…..only the very uncompassionate…I guess….

  21. CarbonatedRain says:


  22. continuo says:

    The two best performances of the night were these guys and Adele. And both were just them, an instrument or two, and a microphone. I’m so sick of big business music … This shit is where it’s at!! Amazing in every way.

  23. bethlolalot says:

    Agree 100% with the top rated comments, this is what music should be, no autotune or mining, just their voices. No backing tracks just instruments. 🙂

  24. nmhnavy02 says:

    these guys create a mood where you want to brew some sweet tea and sit on the front porch watching the bug zapper. that is mighty fine by me.

  25. lediazaraluli says:

    @CalumnMcAulay isnt a hill billie like an american thing ? cos if it is it doesn’t count to British people 😀