Rihanna wins legal battle over image controversy

It is a clear victory for the Barbadian singer, fashion designer and actress as she goes on to win the legal battle against a store for featuring her photo on a t-shirt without her permission to do the same. The pop star sued Arcadia, the parent company of Topshop for $5m (£3.3m) in 2013 for featuring a photo of hers on a sleeveless t-shirt that was taken in 2011, during a video shoot.

There was a lot of controversy in this regard. Rihanna’s lawyer had mentioned that the unauthorized photograph had been taking while the star was featuring for a video in Northern Ireland in 2011. He even mentioned that a ban should be put on Topshop for exploiting her image and reputation.

Geoffrey Hobbs QC, appearing on behalf of Topshop stated that Rihanna was using the law in a wrong way by claiming that only a celebrity had the right of marketing their character. He even justified the allegations brought from Rihanna’s side, stating that the public did not expect that the clothes bearing celebrity images were authorized by the respective people.

However their pleas were rejected and the Court of Appeal (London) upheld a ban on that particular store. This has been the first celebrity case of its kind. However according to copyright lawyer Paul Joseph, Rihanna case does not indicate that every celebrity can sue the companies using their images without their permission. He even said that the image being used here was a part of the publicity material for her album.